Our Stand Up Paddle Board Team - Vancouver

From the beginning Harry has had a passion for boarding sports; Skateboarding, Wakeboarding, Surfing, Skiing and Snowboarding. He picked up a SUP Board about three years ago and fell in love with all the new opportunities. It allowed him to get out on the water between surf trips.
Whether it be racing in False Creek, surfing in Tofino, down-winding, fitness classes or one of our social evening sessions you’ll find him on the water almost every day. Harry is a certified Paddle Canada SUP instrcutor, has First Aid/CPR training, PADI certified Open Water Diver and trained in both Krav Mega and Kyokushin Karate. 



From her roots growing up in the Shuswap  Kathleen was always outside in the mountains and on the water. Her love of nature has taken her to new worlds to discover and become PADI certified in 2006. 
After the birth of her second son in 2011 she took up paddle boarding for some quiet relaxation and reflection. This opened up a whole new way of looking at Vancouver and fell in love with the sport. Surprised that while having  quiet time away from her children she ended up loosing weight and feeling so refreshed and calm after time on the water.
After becoming a certified SUP instructor in May 2013 she felt awaken into this sport fully and took up racing in August of that year entering a total 6 races in one month becoming her new focus in the sport that has so many faces on the water.


Lech has been working as a waterfront Lifeguard on Vancouver’s beaches for over a decade, but 5 years ago, he noticed an intriguing new sight on the water. A figure of a person, who appeared to be standing on the water and moving forward while paddling along, quickly emerged. At first, this image seemed amusing, but soon curiosity kicked in and Lech decided he had to try it with the equipment available to him on the beach. Armed with Lifesaving paddleboard designed for prone paddling and a big, heavy wooden oar from a rowboat, Lech set out onto the water and became captivated as he Stand Up Paddled his very first time. At the time, little did Lech know how profoundly this sport would change his life.
Lech has since led the introduction of Stand Up Paddling as a remarkably effective Lifeguarding platform in the dynamic conditions of Vancouver’s Beaches and continues to refine his skills in an ever-growing list of SUP competitions. Lech also holds PADI Rescue Diver certification, has taught Beach Alert Junior Lifeguard Camps, and held a position on the board of directors for the Vancouver Lifeguarding Association for several years. Based on this experience and now a Paddle Canada certified SUP Instructor, Lech is eager to introduce you to the sport that has become his passion. 


Sharan was introduced to yoga by her father at the age of 9. After years of practicing with a number of different teachers, in many different styles of yoga, her path crossed with a yoga therapist. Intrigued to find this approach to yoga, she finally decided to make the leap from yoga practitioner to instructor. She met Maggie Reagh of Yoga Therapy Vancouver in 2009 and began her journey of becoming a Therapeutic Yoga Instructor. After a year of training with Maggie, from the Desikachar lineage, and Lindsay Whalen, from the Iengar lineage, she acquired her RYT 200 certification. 
Seeing the way therapeutic yoga has enriched the lives of the people around her is what drives her to share her knowledge of yoga with anyone and everyone who has opened their hearts to it.
Sharan is registered with Yoga Alliance as a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher and carries with her liability insurance and is trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR.


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