SUP Wheels

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SUP Wheels ®, a sup carrier for when you want your workout to be on the water not getting to the water!!! 
At SUP Wheels ® we didn’t invent standup paddle boarding nor did we invent the wheel, we just put them together to make the SUP sport easier...a lot easier!  This is the easiest SUP carrier on the market.
SUP Wheels ® company is a fast growing water sport transportation company.  We are dedicated to providing the best quality, innovative solutions for your water sports transportation needs.  We are big supporters of our customer, dealers and distributors world wide are very grateful for our customers and their continued support.  It is because of this support that the word is getting out about this new and innovative company and our SUP carriers.  We stand behind our products with great customer service and strive to continue to innovate.
SUP Wheels ® paddle board and kayak carrier will bear the majority of the weight. This is unlike the over the shoulder strap systems, where all the weight rests on you. With our solution there is little to no issue with wind, as the board lies flat on the SUP carrier and not sideways against your body, like a SAIL. 
This will give you a better workout on the water and easier transportation after a long hard workout.  Whether you are rolling on a hard surface or soft sand, you will get to the water faster and easier with SUP Wheels® band stand-up paddle board cart.
You can remove the wheels easily and attach them to the SUP Wheels ® frame.  Then take them with you on your board.  There is no need to leave them on the beach.
SUP Wheels ® is board safe and friendly.